Do fillers make you age faster?

The aging process sooner or later affects all living organisms in the world and man is no exception. Science distinguishes two types of aging: internal and external. The first is a result of heredity, while the second is caused by factors such as a poor lifestyle or exposure to UV-rays. And even if a person has good genes, heredity, the combination of bad external factors leads to early premature aging of the skin. Do fillers make you age faster?

When do we age?

With the onset of menopause (and the associated hormone decline) comes hypertrichosis – hair above the upper lip and chin. Subcutaneous fat begins to move from the middle of the face, creating a double chin, and the skin on the eyelids sags. Wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes and mouth become deeper and more visible. The onset of aging.

After 40, the complexion fades and the skin becomes thinner – said experts of This is due not only to external influences of the environment, nutrition, heredity, especially affects the process of aging of the skin rapidly diminishing hormonal activity. Regeneration of the epidermis slows down, while production of collagen and elastin fibers decreases. The body ages and ceases to perform its biological functions, resulting in flabby skin and changes in facial contours. For this reason, special cosmetic products designed for mature and aging skin should be used.

How to slow down aging

In addition to radical methods of skin repair, such as facial reconstruction or laser therapy, there is a range of aesthetic medicine. Botulinum toxin injections and hyaluronic wrinkle fillers stop rapid and premature aging. Chemical peels help renew skin cells and activate collagen production. After the procedure, it improves the elasticity and density of the epidermis and smoothes out wrinkles.

It is possible to postpone the process of early aging with the help of medical cosmetics. Drugs are used in courses broken down by age group. They range from skin lightening and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to complete solutions for deep wrinkles and age spots. The most effective method is fillers. They can in no way accelerate the aging process. On the contrary, hyaluronic acid is a substance that restores your skin’s youthfulness.

Visible signs of aging

  • changes in appearance (sagging of the facial contour muscles);
  • appearance of nasolabial folds;
  • loss of smoothness (fine lines around the eyes, the mouth on the forehead);
  • feeling of tension and fatigue in the facial muscles;
  • pigmentation.

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