Do fillers make skin sag?

The first signs of sagging skin can appear at any age. Depending on hereditary factors, environmental conditions, diet, lifestyle, busy schedules, and the amount of stress, age-related changes can occur at age 25 or 45. Depending on the patient’s age group, their skin reacts differently to the same treatments. Therefore, the transformation program should be adjusted regularly. Do fillers make skin sag? Many women are looking for an answer to this question. Although in fact it makes no sense, because fillers are an effective method against sagging skin. If you choose a natural filler with hyaluronic acid, it can not harm your health and your appearance.

Practice shows that many patients do not know how to tighten facial skin after the age of 30. To maintain normal skin tone at this age, it is often sufficient to use the capabilities of hardware cosmetology. But in some cases, may also require injectable procedures and thread lifting. To return an even facial contour will help micro needle RF-lifting, and laser resurfacing will restore elasticity and firmness of the skin.


If your skin is rapidly losing tone, sagging parts of the face, and its oval has become fuzzy, it is worth it as soon as possible to contact a doctor-cosmetologist. Specialists will tell you how to lift flabby skin around the eyes, and what should be the treatment of facial gravitational ptosis without surgery. They’ll also tell you how to get rid of sagging skin on your chin and eye bags. The network of wrinkles around the eyes and bags under the eyes, wrinkles near the lips, pits in the cheeks and the appearance of blisters – these are the most common types of changes that give away your age. All of these changes can be easily removed by using hardware and injection techniques, as well as thread elevator.


The list of all possible contraindications depends on the type of procedure. Here are the most common ones:

  • cancer diseases,
  • acute inflammatory and infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • systemic skin diseases;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • permanently placed fillers and threads.

At your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will gather your medical history to identify any contraindications to the procedure in order to minimize the risk of side effects. Be sure to mention any chronic medical conditions, any surgeries you’ve had, and whether you’ve ever had any side effects from cosmetic procedures. The use of fillers is perfectly safe and it cannot lead to negative effects on your appearance. 

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