Can bad dermal fillers be resolved?

Injectable cosmetology has become a real salvation for many people. It allows you to quickly change your appearance without spending a fortune. After all, the cost of using aquashine filler and other similar fillers is not too high, but if you buy juvederm wholesale, you can get great discount. In general, 90% of customers are satisfied. However, there are 10% who dream to remove the fillers, as the result was far from ideal. And in place of the 10% could be anyone. 

Why remove fillers?

The need to get rid of injections does not arise out of nothing. Something made a person resort to this measure. And, if you are just deciding on beauty injections – re-read the information below. You need to be aware of these possible defects right away.

  • Do not like the result. It happens that a girl for years dreams about juicy plump lips. And then she decides to inject hyaluronic acid. Everything goes perfectly, the swelling goes down, and the girl is disappointed. It turns out that the natural lip shape was much better. Girls with thin lips are usually so disappointed. It turns out that the new lips are disharmonious with the rest of the facial features.
  • The filler migrates. It happens, too. How the device will move after the injection depends on the human body and the muscular structure of the face. The drug can be unevenly distributed, and no one is immune to this. There is only one way out – removal of the filler. Then, it is possible to switch to the tattoo: the dye will not migrate.
  • Uneven resorption. A problem that can manifest itself after a few months. Usually, the defect occurs due to the increased activity of a certain muscle group. For example, if you have a habit of biting your lower lip, then here the drug may not resorb evenly. Also, problems can occur due to certain procedures: massage, phonophoresis, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. They accelerate the process of resorption of substances, and it can go unevenly.

How to remove a filler?

There are not many methods of getting rid of filler. They are:

  1. Surgical;
  2. Injection;
  3. Apparatus.
  • Surgical is used only to remove biopolymers and fillers of the old generation. They ingrow into the tissue, so they cannot be removed in any other way. Here it is necessary to perform an operation in which the surgeon will make a small incision and remove the filler along with a piece of mucosa. 
  • The injection method consists in point injection of an antidote (Longidase) into the desired place. It is usually used to remove hyaluronic acid. The rate of breakdown depends on the body’s reaction to the enzyme. It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a week. Sometimes you may need an additional injection of the drug. This is done after 1-2 weeks.
  • Hardware techniques are never used as the only method. You can go for treatments to promote the removal of fillers. You can also do facial exercises for this purpose. Through increased muscle activity, the filler will dissolve faster. This is an option for those who do not need urgent correction. It is impossible to use hardware techniques in combination with injection correction.

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